2019 Citizen Survey

The Town Board is interested in receiving feedback on a number of questions, to better serve the Gilcrest residents.. It is preferable that you will take the survey online, as the program will tally the results automatically, and we don’t have to interpret anyone’s handwriting. However, if you prefer, there is a paper copy of the survey in the utility billing which was mailed August 1st, or stop by Town Hall to get a copy. All surveys need to be submitted by August 23rd. A new question this year concerns the willingness of those who live on an unpaved street to vote in favor of an improvement district to finance the curb & gutter, sidewalks and street paving. The cost for curb & gutter sidewalks and paving all of the unpaved streets in town is estimated at $6.25 Million. The Town currently has inadequate funding sources to even start on a project to pave all of the streets. Often in Colorado projects like this are financed through an improvement district, with the debt paid back over 20 years through a special property tax. Such a district has to be approved by the voters within the boundaries of the district. The district can be drawn to include only the properties with unpaved streets and only those property owners would see an increase in property tax. As an example, the share of the $6.25 Million for a residence with lot with 50 feet of street frontage would be about $8,500 and the property taxes on the property would go up by approximately $46 per month ($550 per year). These costs are just estimates, but before the Town spends time, effort and money into better defining an improvement district with more accurate costs, the Town wants to see the results of this survey to see if there is a reasonable possibility that an election for the district would be approved by the voters.