The Town of Gilcrest has several committees. The Town is actively looking for residents and community members to participate in committees. Listed are the committees and we encourage you to get involved. If you are interested please contact the Town Clerk.


Economic Development 

Goal: To promote business and industrial growth and development.

Action: Take and keep an inventory of available land and buildings suitable for development. Get the tools needed to develop sites such as high speed internet, water and sewer extensions, 3 phase electric, roads and streets built to truck load strength.

Community Pride 

Goal: To clean up the town and instill pride among the residents.

Action: To help find solutions to code enforcement problems prior to police intervention. To research ways of beautification, and plan for street and sidewalk improvement as well as additional street lighting. To work with the Economic Development committee to place welcome signs at the entrances to town on highway 85.

Community Center

Goal: To plan for a community center building to promote community involvement, a community center could include uses such as library, teen center, theater, co-op grocery, senior center, museum, group activities etc.

Action: To identify funding sources, from private/public partnerships, locate additional space, and to engage the community to form a vision for a community center.

Staff/Board Relations

Goal: To promote and effective team to stabilize the Town’s workforce.

Action: To review additional staffing needs, revise and update the personnel policies, and conduct team building exercises. To research new and improved town facilities such as police station, Town Hall expansion, or combination (civic center) with a community center.

Planning Commission

Goal: A citizen committee that may contain one or more Board members.

Action: Pursuant to state law, the Planning Commission shall act pursuant to state law and Article VI, section 2-161 through 2-163 of the Gilcrest Municipal Code.

Board of Adjustments

Goal: A citizen committee that may contain one or more Board members.

Action Pursuant to Article Vii section 2-201 through 2-204 of the Gilcrest Municipal Code.