Nantes Library

Picture of the Nantes Library before the Grand Opening.
Nantes Library

Upcoming Events:

UPDATE – July 17, 2020
ALL IN-PERSON IN-BUILDING EVENTS SUSPENDED UNTIL JANUARY 2021 with some possible outdoor events.  For more information contact Nantes Library.

Our new rules follow state and local guidelines

  1. 5 patrons in Nantes at one time.
  2. Face coverings are required.
  3. From 10:00-12:00, we’re open for at-risk patrons only (people over 65 years old or those with health conditions that put them at higher risk for COVID-19).
  4. In order to allow more families to use the library, please consider limiting the number of family members who come at each visit.
  5. In order to allow more people to use the library, please keep your visits to 15 minutes or less.
  6. If you’re still concerned about health risks, we will continue to provide contact-free curbside delivery of your materials.

July 2020
July 7 —(Video drops) Time Travel Experiment by Play-Ground Theatre
July 9 @ 2:00—(Zoom meeting*)  Maps & Secret Messages by CMRRM
July 10 @ 3:00—(Zoom meeting) LEGO U
July 14 @ 2:00—(Zoom meeting) Maps & Trail Markers by CMRRM
July 16—(On Your Own)—Hero Training
July 17 @ 3:00—(Zoom meeting) LEGO U
July 21@ 2:00—(Zoom Story-Time) Kamishibai with Naomi
July 23—(Zoom online meeting) Mordor to Hogwarts by the LEGO Guy
July 24 @ 3:00—(Zoom meeting) LEGO U
July 28—(Craft Kits) Fantastic Beasts
July 30 @  2:00—(Zoom game) Pictionary
July 31 @ 3:00—(Zoom meeting) LEGO U

Business hours:
Mon-Fri—10:00-12:00 (At-risk patrons only)
Mon-Fri—1:00-5:00 (All other patrons)
Sat & Sun—CLOSED

703 Birch Street
Gilcrest, CO  80623

(970) 737-1035