Notice of Rate Adjustments

During the 2019 budget formulation process, the Board had to seriously consider how to respond to increasing costs to the Town to provide services.  As a result, you will see an overall increase of $1.25 in your monthly minimum utility bill.  A breakdown of the amended costs are:

  • Street Lights – $3.05 reduced to $1.05 (The street lighting costs have not decreased however the Board made the decision for the Town to absorb more of the actual costs than was the case in the past.)
  • Water – Residential ¾” Tap Water – $32.27 increased to $32.57 (To reflect an increase in the cost of water from CWCWD)
  • Sewer – Residential (¾” Water Tap Size) – $48.00 increased to $50.95 (Increase required to cover increasing costs of operations to the treatment plant.)

Larger tap sizes and commercial rates have been amended as well.

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