Town Administration

Department Description
The Town Administrator is appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Town Administrator’s office carries out the mission and strategic priorities established by the Board of Trustees. It is the responsibility of the Town Administrator to ensure that each department’s objectives reflect and help achieve the Town’s mission and that each department upholds the value-driven purpose that actuate all programs and services provided throughout the Town.

Major Programs & Services
The major programs in the Town Administrator’s Office consist of Finance, Human Resources, Town Clerk, Special Projects, Planning, Zoning, Economic Development, and Building/Code Enforcement . The department also oversees service agreements, such as Waste Management, sanitation, and water distribution.

Department Objectives
The most important objective of the Town Administrator’s office is to ensure that the mission of the Town Board of Trustees is carried out, ensures that that all operations abide by the Town of Gilcrest’s Municipal Code and State laws, assure sound fiscal and operational Town practices, and improve the quality of life of residents and community.