Town Clean Up

LIMIT - ONE PICKUP LOAD PER RESIENCE. PROOF OF RESIDENCY REQUIRED  ALLOWED ITEMS: Furniture, BBQ Grills, Cabinets, Carpet, doors, Bicycles, Trash, Scrap Metal, Mattresses, and Some Construction Materials.   ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: Concrete, Lumber with nails/metal, Tires, ALL Appliances, Electronics, Pesticides, Paint, Propane Tanks/Aerosol Cans, Some Construction Materials. YOU MUST UNLOAD ITEMS FROM YOUR VEHICLE  

Contact Info

Physical Address: 304 8th Street Gilcrest, CO 80623

Main Number: (970) 737-2426

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

General Info:

Utility Clerk:

Public Works:

Town Administrator:

Court Clerk:

Police Department (Contracted with Platteville Police Department): (970) 785-2215

Town Clerk/Treasurer: