Utility Billing

The Town of Gilcrest provides water, sewer, trash, street lighting, and storm water. Listed are also the telephone numbers for the providers of other types of utility services which are not provided by the Town but which are frequently asked about, such as cable television, internet service providers, and electricity services.

New water and sewer customers are required to complete a Utility Account Application at Town Hall 304 8th Street. If you are renting a property in Gilcrest, please notify Town Hall to transfer the utility account in your name. If you move, it is your responsibility to inform Town Hall so that you are not responsible for billing after your departure. For vacant properties, the account will remain in the name of the property owner who will receive a copy of your monthly bill.

Regardless of occupancy, each property is billed a base fee for each utility each month.Customers of the Town are billed monthly based on rates approved by the Town Council at a public meeting. The Current Rate Table indicates what the rates for water, sewer, trash, street lighting, and storm water services are today.

Below is a listing of companies in the area the provide additional services to the residents of the Town of Gilcrest.

Xcel Energy (800) 895-4999

Direct TV (888) 777-2454
Dish Network (888) 825-2557

Ram Waste Systems Inc. (970) 226-3396
Town of Gilcrest (970) 737-2426

Atmos Energy (888) 286-6700

Century Link (800) 224-1111
Skybeam (888) 759-2326

Town of Gilcrest (970) 737-2426